Charlotte Tilbury - Light Wonder Foundation

22 January 2017

"Youth-Boosting, Perfect-Looking Skin Foundation SPF15"
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

So when I went to the Charlotte Tilbury counter I was actually looking to buy the Magic foundation which is super raved about online and so many bloggers love. However, after being told by a Charlotte Tilbury makeup artist how much they hated it (weird I know) I decided to try the light wonder foundation – it is a lot lighter coverage and much more dewy than the other one.

The guy at the counter referred to the magic foundation as being similar in texture and coverage to the Estee Lauder double wear which is way too heavy for me so after hearing that I was put off, and I’m so glad he made me change my mind. This light wonder foundation is a super light slightly buildable coverage, 

I found it was best applied with a damp beauty blender or fingers – the thin texture meant that the product seemed to just get lost in a brush. It blends so seamlessly into the skin giving a ‘your skin but better’ effect, just enough coverage to hide any redness. It gives the healthiest looking dewy glow without making you look like you’re just sweaty and keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day, if your skin is particularly oily then this may not be the foundation for you but for combination (like me) or dry skin this works wonders. It’s not the longest lasting foundation you will ever find, but all in all it does a good job. 

One other thing I’ve noticed which is worth mentioning is that the foundation does slightly oxidise a shade darker, so maybe buying what looks like a shade lighter than your skin in the bottle will actually be the best shade for you. I’d say that this foundation is most suitable for the summery months when you want something super lightweight and just a sheer coverage to even out your complexion.

Coverage: 6/10
Staying Power: 7/10
Packaging: 8/10
Overall look of the foundation on the skin: 9/10

Overall I would give this foundation an 8/10.
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation shade 4
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation shade 4

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation shade 4 swatch
Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation - Shade 4 (swatch)


  1. Definitely try the magic foundation it's nothing like ester Lauder double wear... I actually find my skin breathes better with magic than wonderglow

    1. Oh really?! I have still been tempted to try it as I've heard soooo much good stuff about it!


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