17 January 2017

This is a long overdue post on our month in Thailand in Summer 2016.
I haven’t gone into detail about everything we did because we’d be here for days, but these were just some of the highlights.


I really loved our time in Kanchanaburi, we were there for six days and never ran out of fun things to do. It also had a pretty lively main strip which was great for lunching and drinking in the eve.

Elephant Park – One of my favourite days of the entire trip! This park homes rescued elephants. You get to spend the entire day with them, feeding them fruit, preparing their lunch (sticky rice and mango) bathing them in the river, cleaning some fruit ready for them to eat, feeding them more food (they eat A LOT) and just generally caring for and observing them. It’s an amazing experience.

Erawan Falls – Beautiful 7 tiered waterfall, which get more and more beautiful the higher up you get. It is quite a challenging walk especially in the heat and humidity of the Thai climate. In the waters of the final tier there are the kinds of fish you get in the foot spas so if you dangle your feed in you’ll also be getting a free pedicure! NOTE: You’re going to need a lot of drinking water and a lot-lot-lot of insect repellent!

Water Park – We found out about this online, it was quite newly open when we were there back in June 2016 and it seemed like very few people knew it even existed. I think I saw about ten other people there all day, which of course meant no queues at all and just a really chilled out vibe. Also lots of good affordable food choices. Side note, you do have to wear a swimming cap at this water park which they provide to you there.

Also worth checking out: Bridge Over River Kwai, Death Railway, War museum.

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai is well known for its night market, and I can see why. It’s so big it’ll take you a good few hours to get around the whole lot. It also has a really nice food section which I recommend for a quick and easy bite.

We booked a day trip in Chiang Mai where they picked us up from the hotel in the morning, went to some hot springs, the white temple, which was by far the most beautiful temple I saw the whole time we were there, and then to the golden triangle, which is the border between Thailand and two other countries. We took a boat trip to Laos and were there for about an hour, and then the final stop on our day trip was to a tribal village and in the next village along you could go and see one of the long neck tribes.

Koh Samui
We didn’t get up to much whilst in Koh Samui, we mainly spent our five days here relaxing on the amazing beaches and eating out in the evenings. The perfect place to chill out after a busy couple of weeks.

Koh Tao
My favourite island of the three we visited, I absolutely LOVED it here. It was our most expensive accommodation of the trip (still only like £11 per night) and definitely not the nicest, it was the only place we stayed that we didn’t have air con. That being said the hotel lobby/restaurant was lovely, we received a complimentary drink on arrival and it was situated right on the sea front, with a lovely picturesque rope swing on a palm tree out the front.

I’ve always had a big fear of the ocean so when my boyfriend suggested snorkelling/scuba diving I was very hesitant, but I knew how much he wanted to do it. We started off buying our own snorkels and exploring the sea right outside our hotel to see if I was going to like it before we booked any sort of excursion. With a faulty snorkel and a mouthful of salt water I almost decided it wasn’t for me, but with a little persuasion (and a new snorkel) I gave it one more try and I’m sooooo pleased I didn’t give up. We spent the following two days on a scuba diving course followed by an all-day snorkelling trip and it’s safe to say I am obsessed. It was terrifying at times but so so amazing. I highly recommend that anyone in Koh Tao goes with Siam Diving centre, we did the discover scuba diving course and it was just me, my boyfriend and two instructors who took such great care of me as they knew I was nervous. Then we booked a boat trip the next day which was just a snorkelling trip with various stop offs including Shark Bay where I actually said the sentence “Let’s go near the rocks and see if we can spot some sharks” like???? Who am I ???

I honestly couldn’t recommend Koh Tao enough, I would return to Thailand solely to do more snorkeling/diving here. It was incredible!

Koh Phangan
We came here on the week of the full moon party, we spent five days here. We stayed at The Royal Resort which was about a half hour drive from the full moon party but the hotel did a free shuttle bus there. Being out of the way was nice because we got the best of both worlds, the liveliness of the full moon party but a real quiet and peaceful environment throughout the day. Because of being far from most things we decided to rent a jeep for 24 hours just to explore a little more plus it only cost £20!!! Although if you’ve been to Thailand you’d know the roads are slightly terrifying, but you get used to it. We game across a nice little crazy golf place for a really small price and then drove to a bar to watch a game of rugby and then also had a look around the local night market.

The Full Moon party is a lot of fun too. Everyone goes all out with the florescent outfits and neon paint, including us. Although be careful when getting neon paint done by someone at the actual party as they can try and charge a lot! So you’re probably better off just doing your own and buying the paints for like £1. Then grab yourself a bucket and go enjoy the party all along the beach. It’s just one huge party/festival except on a beach and with lots of weird fire activities. Oh also, the food is good there.

You can’t really go to Bangkok and not experience Kho San Road. As I’m not the biggest drinker it was defo not my scene but none the less I’m glad I got to experience it!
We used the metro (really easy and cheap way to get around the city) to visit some amazing shopping malls, the biggest I’ve ever been to! I recommend terminal 21 and central world. Also, as much as a rip off as they can be.. You kinda have to try a tuk-tuk at least once in Bangkok. Just to experience how crazy the roads are.
We went to one more night market on our last night in Bangkok as we didn’t have to worry about carrying the things we were buying so much as we were flying home the next day!

And that concludes how we spent our 30 days in Thailand. I’ve probably (definitely) missed out loads and you’re probably (definitely) not reading this anymore. I tried my best to make it short but a lot happened

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