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14 March 2017

Recently, I had been on the hunt for the perfect organiser/journal which would be solely used for the organisation of my blog.

I was so happy when I came across this journal made by Steph over at - and even happier when I saw the price (only like £15)

Up until I found this one, all of the planners I was close to buying were double the price of this Bloggers Journal, and on top of that I would have to buy extra blogging related inserts to actually get what I wanted out of the planners. This one, however, has everything you could possibly want to stay organised and on top of everything. Plus, look at it! How cute?! It makes for the perfect little flatlay prop.

This journal has everything that a blogger needs to stay on top of their blog.. like literally everything.
There is space to jot down your blogs stats at the start of every month which is a really good way to be able to keep track of your blogs growth. You also have space to make note of your goals and to do lists and tick them off as they’re achieved.

As well as this you can a monthly income and expenses graph to keep on top of the money side of things for those lucky enough to be earning money through blogging. In the daily boxes I will note things down such as “Post feb faves” or “take pics of ____ and _____ for so and so post” or “write draft post for ____” etc. You get the idea.

There are weekly blogging tips throughout the whole journal which are really helpful.
Then you also have the occasional page dedicated to a happy positive quote which is always nice and again.. did someone say flatlay?

So that pretty much sums up all the best features of the blogger journal, I 100% recommend you to get this if you’re trying to get more organised! Or if you're just a stationary junkie like myself. 


  1. This is amazing!! It might actually help me to be organised haha xx
    Nicole xx

  2. I looove your photography in this, your whole blog set out is absolute goals oh my god!

  3. Thank you for sharing this Mollie! Been looking for a nice planner but every single one is so expensive! This looks affordable and actually useful, I might have to invest as I'm only just getting back into the swing of blogging again. The tips sound really nice as well :)

    Thanks for sharing xx

    1. You're welcome! I Definitely recommend it :) x


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