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19 April 2017


So here we are again, another month gone in the blink of an eye which means one month closer to my California road trip, eeek!

Here is a little round up of a few things I have been loving this month:

Embroidered Skirt (Topshop) – First up is this skirt, as soon as I saw this skirt I knew nothing would be able to stop me from buying it. For £38 I was kind of cringing at the till but I couldn’t resist. I’ve already gotten so much wear out of this skirt though and I feel like it’s something I’ll be able to wear all year round, with tights and boots in winter and with sandals in summer. 100% in love.

Body Blendz Mandarin Mist* - This is an all-natural body scrub made up of coffee, sugar and oils. I don’t think I’ve ever used a scrub that has made my skin feel quite as soft as this has done, I actually feel like I’ve stepped out of a spa after using it. It claims to not only exfoliate your skin and remove bacteria etc, but also targets cellulite and scars/stretch marks! I can’t vouch for that yet as I haven’t been using it long enough to see those kind of results but from first impressions after a couple weeks usage, I can tell you, my skin is softer than ever and I smell great (more like mandarin than coffee.. not overpowering!)

Inglot Aquastick Cream Eyeshadow* - I have this in the pink/gold colour and when I first swatched it I was in awe. I wish the camera picked up how cool this colour was, it actually looks like liquid metal! Saying that though you can blend it down to a really sheer pinky shade which I have been loving using on its own as an all over lid colour or even as a base to powder shadows.

inglot aquastic swatch

 Smashbox Covershot Palette in ‘Ablaze’* - I was lucky enough to be sent all seven of the new smashbox palettes and there will be a full review on all of those coming soon, but I couldn’t not mention this specific palette in this month’s favs because I have been wearing it NON STOP. The warm orangey colours in this palette compliment my eye colour so well and the formula is just perfect! I’ve never found eyeshadows easier to blend than these! Which brings me on to my next favourite…

The Sigma E25 Brush -  I bought this just because I couldn’t bring myself to fork out £25 or whatever for the Mac 217. I had been researching more affordable dupes and came across this brush which seemed to have pretty good reviews and was half the price. Honestly, this is an absolute game changer! This is the perfect brush for blending out your eye shadow and creating all of those Instagram looks that you never thought possible. I’m 100% buying a couple more of these brushes asap.


  1. I'm in love with that skirt, the embroidery is beautiful! The pigment on that Inglot cream shadow is insane it is so so pretty.
    -Olivia Xxx

  2. Some amazing pieces in this post, I want that top shop skirt so much!! Come on payday xx

  3. That inglot cream is beautiful! Also the skirt is an investment! I also need to look at these Sigma brushes a little more indepth haha.

  4. That palette is SO pretty, oh my goodness! Lovely photography btw X

  5. Ooh these are great favorites, I've been wanting to buy a product from Smashbox forever but still haven't! Also love TopShop! My favorites recently have been from Forever 21 & phone cases from!

  6. Your skirt is so pretty! I am so obsessed with the embroidered trend just now! Just ordered embroidered boots ahah! xx corinne

  7. I'm obsessed with skirt, it looks perfect for all seasons. I'm here for the whole floral/embroidered trend!


  8. Lovely post! Really good photography too x

  9. I really want to get my hands on the inglot aquasticks, so so gorgeous! X

  10. I love anything embroidered and that skirt is so cute and it's denim! Been dying to get my hands on one of the smashbox eyeshadow palettes too, this one looks really versatile but still unique shades. xx

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  12. Oh my god, your skirt is amazing. £38 is definitely justified because it can be styled for every season. A great investment for sure!

    Louisa |


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